For the last 29 years I've never spent Christmas away from my mom, my brothers, grandparents, etc. For last 7 years my lucky husband has been a part of our Christmas madness. Each year at least 16 people sit around the Christmas table, including kids still magically believing in Santa. We eat unnecessary amount of traditional food, which in all honesty never made it to my top 100 foods list (maybe apart from the clear beetroot soup). We drink dried fruit compotes (I mean some do- I opt for mulled wine). We sing carols (more like I am expected to sing each year because in my younger days I thought I was a singer..) and open tons of presents (each year we say we'd buy gifts for kids only and IT NEVER HAPPENS). Afterwards, all of us rather tipsy play boardgames or watch very old and mostly embarrassing family recordings.

And I love it!