Ola & Tomek. Married for two years (in fact TODAY is their anniversary!), together for many more. I'm most certain I've known Ola since before I learned to speak. These two are the kind of people you want to be around every day and they are a couple I miss most since moving to London. Their wedding was one of the most wonderful events I've ever been a part of.

For a long time now I have dreamed to do a session in a botanical garden/ palm house, so when I booked tickets to travel to Poland this summer I immediately thought of Palmiarnia PoznaƄska as the perfect location. Ola and Tomek are always up for good fun and were totally open to my ideas for the shoot, which was meant to have more of an editorial feel to it. We got to the palm house early to avoid the crowds and totally broke few rules when wandering around trying to find perfect spots, ha!