side note: I love jazz, Ex-Machina, James Blake, Captain Fantastic, snowboarding, analog photography, Tate Modern, lakes, TEQUILA, Japanese food, design, fashion, my three year old and my forty-five year old.

Hi, I’m Sandra.

I have been photographing for as long as i can remember.

I come from a family of all sorts of creative people, including photographers, so I have always valued images more than an average person would. Sorting and flicking through my old family photos, looking deeply into my roots while understanding where I come from is something that fascinates me. I love all sorts of family photographs, but what I really love is looking at the real family connections, images that evoke emotions when looked upon.

This is why relaxed family sessions are my favourite.

I want to capture these connections - these fleeting moments of love, happiness and mischievousness. I want to freeze the moment your son starts to do a silly dance or when your daughter lifts up a dress ready to climb the tree. The moment when you whisper sweet nothings into your children’s ears or how your partner looks at you when you tell a bad joke. This is to me what real family connection is. 

I am myself married and have a sweet little boy. I photograph him every day so when he turns fifty we can look back and live these moments again. And our future generations can see what a bunch of lunatics we were:)

We are not getting younger, nor are our children. Let me capture the moments for you now so you can all enjoy them forever.