Tel Aviv- my photographic journey

TEL AVIV. My new favourite place on this planet.

The colourful markets full of beautiful fabrics and second hand furniture.

The people! Super creative crowd. Jewellery makers, painters, designers, start up owners…

The nightlife! City that never sleeps, want some fresh hummus on a Tuesday at 3am? afterwards you can still pop in to your favourite nightclub/ bar where everybody is welcome and dance off the margaritas(they love good tequila just like me:)! just before popping back on one of the electric scooters(which are everywhere) and making your way back to bed.

The beautiful coastline with some really lovely, sandy beaches.

The food!!! Oh my I never ate so well, it just hits the spot every time. These guys are real foodies… the burnt aubergine, the freshest labneh, the acai bowls, the hummus…

And The Old Jaffa is just the most beautiful part of this town.

Sandra HollandComment